Zetuvit® Plus

To effectively manage the healing process of your patients’ wounds, you need a dressing that you can rely on. One that can handle the highest exudate levels and treat both heavily exuding acute and chronic wounds. A dressing that can stay strong and absorbent under compression. The dressing you need is Zetuvit® Plus, and you can try this product for free by getting in touch with us today.

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Reassuringly effective: Supporting all stages of healing
When compared to other dressing brands, Zetuvit® Plus offers the most reliable absorption1,2,3 and is the dressing you can depend on to prevent leakage and strikethrough. It also helps to improve wound healing through reduction of maceration3 and absorption of excessive wound inhibitors4,5.

Reassuringly efficient: Savings for everyone
Designed to handle high exudate levels, Zetuvit® Plus dressing helps reduce dressing changes.3. Using fewer dressings means costs and time saving for you and your patients3.

Empowering for patients
Zetuvit® Plus is reassuringly simple, giving security and comfort between dressing changes, empowering your patients3,6.

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